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Galanz Induction Cooker Fan Circuit Troubleshooting

Time£º2017-04-11 09:24:46  Source£ºNetwork  Author£ºUnknown  Clicks£º12004

Galanz electromagnetic cooker, the new stove used for about two weeks, a power indicator light, then turn off to turn on the regular light and beep, no heat.5uaservice manual download site
Open the cabinet to check and found a power fan motor speed is slow, and not by the key control. The motor control circuit is shown in the figure. Check the Q5 breakdown (some of the electromagnetic cooker with Q3 also breakdown). Replace the same specifications (C8050) new products, the test machine fan motor has been able to control the key, but the electromagnetic cooker is still not normal heating. At this time touch Q5, Q3 obvious hot. And then test CPU ¢Ú pin voltage is about 1V, the normal should be 0.5v the following, obviously high. It is judged that the motor is not causing the current to increase, and the voltage drop across the sampling resistor R increases, so that the CPU ¢Ú pin is detected to be high and the motor circuit is judged to stop heating. This is a protective measure of the machine. With a brushless fan assembly instead of this machine after the ordinary fan, troubleshooting. This failure occurred in more than one kind of electromagnetic cooker, are selected due to poor motor. The electromagnetic cooker has a motor fault detection circuit, so that the protection circuit from the control without heating. Similar models can refer to this case overhaul.5uaservice manual download site