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Five steps to repair the induction cooker

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Five steps to repair the induction cookerEJWservice manual download site
1. When testing the replacement of the original device should not be anxious to turn on the power First of all, in the case of the conditions of the circuit board of the copper surface with a wash plate to clean the water after a careful look at the circuit board to determine the positive and negative There is no trace of the fact that the factors that cause the frying machine are in particular to check the presence of the radiator and the presence of a small wire (such as the replacement of the IGBT flat bridge) Check whether the thermal grease is coated? Tighten the IGBT and the flat bridge screw is tight This is very important not tighten the screw when the boot will burn IGBT.) Check the fault-related circuit within the device is still bad Or deterioration due to the deterioration of the capacitor is easy to make the induction cooker work is not normal to confirm that there is no problem after power (note that the power is not boot does not load the cable).EJWservice manual download site
2. In the case of power up (power) the buzzer of the induction cooker will be heard (if there is no call to explain there is a problem.) Began to test the power supply system voltage, such as flat bridge output voltage is not about 310 volts 5 Volt 12 volts 18 volts (or 20 volts), etc., whether the normal, especially whether the device has heat and so on.EJWservice manual download site
3. Whether the driver stage output level is less than 0.5 volts 339 or 393 level is normal (standard enterprises are generally the level of the detection point marked on the circuit board)EJWservice manual download site
Four. If there is no problem you can open the key should be heard to find the pot of the sound Then check the relevant operating point of the voltage to see whether the normal drive level to find the pot square wave signal and the signal should be found with the buzzer The call beats about once a second.EJWservice manual download site
Five. If everything is normal, then the power can be connected after the load and then power detection of the whole performance of the machine (in the above test no problem after the boot or fryer is likely to be 339 or a resistance and capacitance parameters of the deviation occurred Static point normal and when there is an AC signal when the machine still does not work).EJWservice manual download site