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5PH Hualing Guiji is not cooling

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Check the compressor protection device action. Recovery operation has measured current, pressure, are low, low current 2 ~ 3A; pressure is only 0.25 Mpa, obviously lack of refrigerant. Plus refrigerant to work at normal pressure at low pressure of 0.45 Mpa.FSVservice manual download site
Analysis: home air conditioning compressor cooling, there are two parts, one outdoor fan blowing, the other is low-pressure low-temperature refrigerant has always been to the compressor cooling, serious lack of refrigerant, the motor long-term work in high temperature environment, Rise, so that overheating protection device action.FSVservice manual download site
Summary: Compressor protection action and shutdown, generally for the following reasons: outdoor dirty machine, dirty dirty pipe, fluoride too much, lack of fluorine serious, the compressor itself has quality problems. This will cause the motor to run the current rise, gradually protective action.FSVservice manual download site
Low pressure is too low (if less than 0.3 Mpa below) or refrigerant leakage is serious, high pressure pipe is completely frost-free, the compressor can not open long time will be Protection; and as long as there is a frosting compressor will not soon protect. And when the refrigerant to 0.3 Mpa or more, the high pressure tube will melt the cream, this time will be able to cool.FSVservice manual download site
 In addition, for older air conditioners, or if the cooling capacity is equal to the room, the amount of the refrigerant is sufficient for the temperature, and the low pressure is slightly 0.4 Mpa. Sometimes can not use the heat is not too much R12 instead. Maintenance and commissioning of air conditioners based entirely on operating current and low pressure is not comprehensive, but also consider environmental factors. Such as the beginning of summer environmental temperature is not high, pressure, current can choose low, so to the summer when it will not exceed the standard.FSVservice manual download site