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LG LS-C1250HT-type air conditioner, the machine does not work without any display

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Failure symptoms: power on, the machine does not work, and no display.78mservice manual download site
  Inspection and analysis: According to the phenomenon analysis, the fault may occur in the system control circuit, power supply circuit and other related parts. Manually press the emergency switch, the machine still can not start, suspected computer control circuit is faulty. Check the computer control circuit, with million78mservice manual download site
Table measurement microprocessor IC1 (C68639Y) (51) feet no 5V operating voltage, indicating the power supply circuit is faulty. The voltage at the input and output of the IC3 (7805) is 0V, but the input of IC2 (7812)78mservice manual download site
The voltage is normal. Check C03, C04 and IC3 no short circuit, determine the IC2 internal damage.78mservice manual download site
Maintenance results: Replace the IC2, the air conditioner back to normal work.78mservice manual download site