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Sharp XV-310P LCD projector no picture fault repair method

Time£º2014-01-27 08:58:42  Source£ºNetwork  Author£ºUnknown  Clicks£º1247

 Measured lamp 2.5V supply voltage is 0V, the voltage supplied by the auxiliary power circuit. IC1701 has a sense of touch hot, indicating auxiliary power circuit short circuit faults. Measured T1702 {6} ~ {5} winding rectified by D1707, C1714 filter produces DC voltage is 2.5V normal; then measured T1702 {8} - {7} output pulse voltage windings, rectified by D1706, C1713 filter generated 2.5V voltage is 0V. The C1713, R1726, D1706 remove the detection, discovery C1713 breakdown, R1726 blown. Replace the C1713, the R1726 commissioning, troubleshooting.thgservice manual download site