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Sharp XV-310P LCD projector fan motor does not turn, the other normal fault repair method

Time£º2014-01-27 08:52:38  Source£ºNetwork  Author£ºUnknown  Clicks£º1170

 Check the fan motor normal, measuring its power supply voltage is 0V, the normal value should be +12 V. This voltage is rectified by the S5 winding through D715, C727 filter produces 13V voltage, and then the Q707 control output +12 V power supply for the fan motor. Q707 e measured voltage of about 5V, normal value should be 13V. Remove the D709 measure its positive and negative resistance value normal, Q708 is normal, remove the C727 testing has gone leakage. Replace the C727, troubleshooting.qv3service manual download site