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Automatic shutdown fault repair method SHARP SV-PN200 projector after several years of use, the warning "Please replace the lamp", and start working after five minutes

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 Inspection found no damage to the projector part shade , but the wick part black. Replace with the same type of wick. To do the following :d7xservice manual download site

1 Remove the projector lamp assembly , the first white solid sealant between the reflector and slowly remove the wick , wick must be at the end of the end of the tailstock with reflectors made ​​of plastic under the mark detachment .
2 , remove the wick in the lamp reflector tail to make a round paper cups , the size of the mold and the metal end of the wick to be installed in line .
3 , when the subject of the alignment mark dismantled , new wick required to install into the same location .
4 , the deployment of a good white solid seal glue used medical syringes slowly into the center of the reflector ( be careful not to drip onto the reflector surface ) , and then repeatedly adjust the wick position until the best so far. Hair dryer blowing a few minutes and then heat the windshield , solid sealant can be cured .
5 , the installation of wick positive , not negative reversed , otherwise it will damage the wick.
6, the last with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol lamp ball on the dirt clean ( Note force uniform ) .
Connect the power source , still found a warning "Please replace the lamp " , the investigation column know , SHARP projector has an internal timer circuit , when the machine is working to 2,000 hours , requires replacing the lamp , and the shutdown does not work. To replace the lamp timer after the machine must be zero, namely: the power cord plugged up the outlet, disconnect the main power switch , hold the Volume keys and the Select button panel , press and hold the other hand on the remote control MENU key, press the main switch to another person so that the overall electricity supply , timer reaches zero is completed , reboot, everything is working correctly .
   With a timer inside AHARP projector , and at 2000 hours working time range , such as the use of this method enables the timer reaches zero , the machine can continue to use.