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Three different types of analytical principles of the projector

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 So far , the projector through three major technology show that CRT projection technology , LCD projection technology and developed in recent years DLP projection technology .8Ywservice manual download site

    CRT projector three shots
    CRT Cathode Ray Tube is the English abbreviation , translated as cathode ray tubes . As the imaging device , it is implemented first , the most widely used display technology. This projector can be decomposed into the source of the input signal R ( red ), G ( green ) B ( blue ) on the screen of the CRT three phosphors emitting in the high pressure system is enlarged , the convergence , the large screen is displayed on the color image. RT tubes optical system and projection tube , commonly referred to as three shots projector is made ​​up of three projection tubes projector , because the use of light, also called active projection. CRT technology is mature , rich color image display , reproduction is good , with rich geometric distortion adjustment capability ; but its important technical indicators mutual restraint image resolution and brightness , brightness value directly affects the CRT projector, so far , its brightness value has remained at 300lm less. Further CRT projector complex operation, particularly cumbersome convergence adjustment , a large body size , only suitable for installation in low ambient light , relatively fixed place , not moving .
    LCD is the abbreviation of Liquid Cristal Display . LCD projectors are divided into two kinds of liquid crystal light valve and the liquid crystal panel . LCD is between liquid and solid substances between itself does not emit light , temperature greatly affected by the nature of the work , its operating temperature of -55 º C ~ +77 º C. The liquid crystal projector of photoelectric effect, i.e., the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in the electric field occur , affect the transmittance or reflectance of the liquid crystal cell , a slave to affect its optical properties , and produce a different color gradation images. The following principles are described in two LCD projector.