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Installation, commissioning and use of the projector

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 Projectors generally use inversion lifting, at the bottom of the machine with a dedicated lifting holes for coupling with the hanger , the hanger is very common, and there are a variety of models suitable for universal hanger . Lifting the models must have inverted mirror image function , some domestic chip LCD projector does not support mirroring function, this model uses dress hanger , relatively rare on the market , the production of the projector manufacturers usually placed . Machine -made chip LCD projector heavier , between 5-8 kg, optional hanger and screws to attach importance when strength , quality time , or because the screw is screwed into deep enough and fall accident had occurred , but some ill-considered domestic machine designed lifting holes are arranged at the bottom of the circuit or wire , screws screwed too deep can cause damage or short circuit boards . Due to the special nature of Kara OK place , big room sound vibrations , especially on bass , along with projector noise while lifting slightly shaking, the ceiling hanger join the long run will screw loose, hanging wooden ceiling fixed frame is generally not a danger , and precast concrete ceiling hanger directly with the expansion of the use of metal nails expansion approach is dangerous, there are reports of the projector from falling down , using a large enough wedge instead of metal nails may to some extent prevent expansion dangerous occurrence .7PTservice manual download site

    Confirm the projection distance , the projector will be instructions in general correspond cast size and distance , but due to low precision -made projector optics , nor optical zoom function , only the reference value , use precise positioning in determining the actual physical site .
    Easy installation projector Another problem is ignored laying electrical lines , if unreasonable , it will affect the effect of another safety hazard. Electrical lines contain strong electric AC power cord and weak audio and video signal lines , both the number of times the level of the poor , in order to reduce interference and prevent the power cord insulation aging unexpected , certainly not to the same power supply and signal lines wear a tube , and try to walk uneven lines, location can not be avoided must maintain more than 60 cm spacing. And many of these projects because of cost or ignorance on this practice not uncommon.