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Hitachi CP-HX 2000 projector screen appears fault repair method for jitter streak

Time£º2014-07-22 09:46:33  Source£ºNetwork  Author£ºUnknown  Clicks£º1283

The projector shaking transverse stripe appears on the screen, the streaks are scanning constantly from the press to scroll up and down direction, on the computer, have no way to correct the projection display content to the screen to debug, connecting many times, can't rule out the failure phenomenon. Carefully checked the computer and projector direct connection, we found that the projector is using data VGA signal lines, with a Taipei is celeron 733 desktop machines connected. AXMservice manual download site
 AXMservice manual download site
A began to think that the reason caused this projection screen streaks, projection signal connector inside that there might be a line, so that the internal signal crosstalk phenomenon happened, so I will not hesitate to VGA data signal lines down on both ends of the joint, and to find the multimeter, VGA data signal lines of each thread carefully, later found nothing short sub, articulated and break any problems. The author had to move on to another computer, projector and use the same data VGA signal lines connect the projector and the computer is good, after turning on the power supply, found that the projector works at this time, the content on the computer screen is projected out clearly, it is clear that the projector is no problem, the fault may appear in is on the computer and the projector is connected to the Taiwan side. Rerun the island's computer, carefully check the computer's display parameters, found that the computer is set to 16 color enhanced color display color, refresh the resolution of 75 hz, color resolution of 800 x600, these attribute parameters are within the scope of the projector is allowed to work, it should be said that this computer on display attributes also no problem! AXMservice manual download site
 AXMservice manual download site
Left check right, always can not find the crux of the problem, this really make me a little discouraged, but since the question arises, certainly will think of ways to solve! Could it be because of the projector is connected to power supply voltage instability caused by? Think of to do, to shut the computer power quickly, at the same time, using a multimeter, to carefully test outlet voltage size, after tests found that the size of 220 v voltage on socket, and the performance is stable, without any abnormal phenomenon. But I still don't believe, so will the computer open operation, and to test the voltage variation on socket, find fault or projection can't eliminate. This is precisely what is going on? Can't, in order not to affect the work, the author intends to give up, had to test normal in front of the computer to move here, ready to temporarily replace the test results before normal, here will appear the same fault. Is really amazing! ? Think of it, the computer is normal, the projection line is normal, the projector is also be verified carefully, just with the power socket is not connected to the projector replacement, is this outlet "provoke" curse? Changed try to say again first, the author muttered, one side to the other socket, found that the miracle appeared after replacement, projection screen display is finally back to normal.