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Hitachi CP-HX 2000 timing shutdown repair method of fault

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The projector in less than four days, before and after the failure of the same a strange phenomenon, that is the projector spent twenty minutes, suddenly "stall". But after a period of time, to open the projector, it also can "live", and various state display is normal, the whole process is really looks like what is control. KqMservice manual download site
 KqMservice manual download site
The projector that can continue to work for a period of time, no matter, is likely to be a local area failed. Associated with the projector after each automatic shutdown, always in a few minutes and can continue to use, it is very likely related to the cooling performance of the projector is bad, the cause of failure, nine times out of ten is the heat dissipation of the projector undesirable result in the projector's self protection function, launched and let the projector automatically shut down. KqMservice manual download site
 KqMservice manual download site
In front of the projector heat into the wind window open have a look at, was found to prevent the dust invasion of sponge, covered with a thick layer of dust, originally black sponge almost become gray. Slowly the sponge from the projector to remove, and then put it in to a lot of clean water to wash, until clean. Then dispatch clean sponge containing moisture extrusion, and dry in the sun for a while, after a period of time, the color of the sponge back before dark. In the end, and then carefully put sponge back in to the projector, and install the correct method, window installed cooling ventilation. When to connect the projector power supply, the projection work all is normal, and continue to use for a few hours, the projector show no signs of a little "off". At this point, a projection of the small fault caused by dust is fully solved. KqMservice manual download site
 KqMservice manual download site
From this failure case, we should also learn the lesson, that is at ordinary times must pay attention to maintenance for the projector. Due to the projector in the process of work, will send out a high quantity of heat, so its internal usually have special fan to dozens of litres per minute of air flow on the cooling air supply, high speed air flow through the strainer mesh could also after placing tiny dust particles, they mutual friction produce electrostatic adsorption in the cooling system, it will produce certain effect to the content on the projection screen. So, in the projector use environment, should pay special attention to the protection of the dust, must no smoking, because of the soot particles are more likely to adsorption in the optical system, and we regularly or periodically to wash into FengKouChu strainer mesh, make the projector is always kept clean.