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Monitor Troubleshooting Solution

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 Characters on the display screen rather vagueVQtservice manual download site

My monitor this situation recently happened: just turn on the monitor when the characters on the screen rather ambiguous , then gradually became clear . This is what causes it ?
A: It is very possible that your monitor entered the " old age ." The reason is : a cathode ray tube in the tube after heating filament must be sent by the electron beam , but if the cathode ray tube is aging , so that the heating process will be slower . You can open the beginning of the display, since the cathode ray tube does not reach the standard temperature , the electron beam can not be sufficiently emitted , the characters on the display due to the electron beam bombardment of the phosphor screen will not become blurred. If the time to buy your monitor is not long , it may be of poor quality or shoddy CRT should require suppliers to return.
Display screen after boot big small
I just purchased monitor the presence of such a phenomenon: Showing great first boot screen , then in a few seconds and slowly reduced to normal , is this failure it?
A: This is not just a normal phenomenon, and explain better the quality of your monitor . The reason for this phenomenon is in the just-machine , when the intensity of the electron beam in the CRT deflection coil is very large ( effect of the deflection coils of the electron gun toward the screen is electron beam direction in terms of sequences of control). In order to prevent these electron beam intensity is too large at the moment is always the bombardment of a small boot screen ( in the long run will result in the rapid aging of the phosphor region , eventually forming a fault light perception spots region ) , some of the better brands the display will specifically design a protection circuit , the protection circuit to control the deflection coils during boot , so that too strong electron beam is dispersed rather than concentrated in a certain block area bombardment . When the intensity of the electron beam deflection coil is normal, the protection circuit shuts down , you can see the first big small display case is the protection circuit process regulation. Of course, if your switch from a high luminance image of the phenomenon to the generation of a low-luminance image, the description of which display a significant " breathing " effect, i.e., the high pressure part of the display lines is not very stable.