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Common problems CRT monitors pooled data

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 Q: Why is the lower crt monitor's refresh rate , the more the screen flicker ?Rr7service manual download site

Answer : crt display screen by the electron beam of a scanning spot get a point on the screen showing the picture was not always exist, it is kept in heavy brush by the electron beam . Refresh rate refers to the meaning of the electron beam in a second monitor can scan a complete picture of the number on the screen .
Q: Recently bought a crt monitor, a red boot on the full screen appears , also with flashing, this situation will disappear after some time , but after a while it appeared, to ask how such a situation occur ?
A: This is the case due to the faulty ignition coil monitor or CRT aging appear . Since your monitor is a new purchase, so it should not kinescope aging problem, but a problem with the ignition coil . This is probably due to the long-distance transport in " rough handling " of causing damage to the ignition coil , please contact your dealer as soon as possible to replace a monitor.
Q : crt monitor screen long-term exposure to sunlight , there is a problem?
A: After crt monitor exposure to sunlight may accelerate aging CRT phosphor coating , thereby reducing the luminous efficiency . Moreover, in the sunlight , the display surface reflective serious user 's eyes are easily tired !
Q: My monitor when playing the game , sometimes the signal is lost , it becomes black , above a rectangular box moving, shows " out of sync range ." Restart the computer problems disappear , while playing the game after a while the problem has emerged, is this what causes it?
A: First, you should determine whether your card has been overclocked . If your graphics card overclocking , then set the frequency back down to normal values. In addition, the problem may be your game resolution is set too high cause . Monitors of different sizes have different refresh rate range , such as 17-inch monitor in general in 1024 × 768 resolution standard refresh rate is 85hz, 1280 × 1024 next to 60hz. And if the refresh rate exceeds the range or unstable signal output graphics display may appear black phenomenon. You can set the game to run in a game set in the resolution is lower, then the game.