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Common computer failure detection method

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 A clean room for the use of poor environmental law , or use a longer time machine , you should first be cleaned . Available to brush gently brush the motherboard, peripherals dust , if dust has been swept away, or no dust on to the next check. In addition, because some of the cards on the board or chip pin form , vibration, dust and other reasons , often causing pin oxidation, poor contact . Available eraser wipe the surface oxide layer , re- plug after a good start checking whether troubleshooting.YLvservice manual download site

2 , the direct observation
That is, " see, hear, smell, and touch ."
"Look " that observation system board plugs, sockets are skewed , resistors, capacitors pin is touching the surface is scorched, the chip surface cracking, copper motherboard is blown. Also see if there are foreign objects falling ( causing a short circuit ) between the motherboard components , you can also see if the board has charred discoloration where traces ( copper ) printed circuit board is broken , and so on .
"Listen " that monitor power supply fan is working sound , soft / hard disk motor or seek agency , monitors transformers and other equipment normally. In addition , the system short-circuit fault occurs often often associated with abnormal sound . Listeners can discover some of the hidden dangers of accidents and help take immediate action when the accident occurred . "Smell " that distinguish smell host board if there is a burning smell , easy to find fault and to determine the short-circuit location .
"Touch " that hand press activities chip socket to see if the chip is loose or poor contact . In addition, the system is running the shell by hand touch or near cpu, monitors, hard drives and other devices based on its temperature can determine whether the equipment is running properly ; hand to touch the surface of some chips , if hot, the chip was damaged .