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Distinguish color monitor and computer monitors

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 First, the input signal is different: the color monitor AV input analog video signal, the computer monitor's VGA RGB RGB input signal. HPJservice manual download site

Second, the resolution is different: Normal color monitor is generally 420 lines or 480 lines and the computer as significant at least 800 * 600 resolution. 
Third, the radiation levels are different: color monitors generally do not have radiation treatment, and the computer monitor must have radiation testing and certification, or simply not using the LCD monitor radiation. 
Fourth, the refresh rate is different: Normal color monitor at 50Hz refresh rate should be below the average computer monitor easy to 75Hz. 
Summary: Based on the above description we can see the computer monitor resolution is much higher than ordinary color monitor, and a small radiation, high refresh rate does not blink, the eyes will not hurt for a long time to see.