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Delay fault display solutions

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 Open the back cover , tubes and found a lot of dust above board , they are in trouble is not it? I decided to do some dusting and in addition to the influx of work , but to conduct high-voltage discharge , I find some CCTV cable, the insulation layer is removed at both ends of each section of exposed wire, one end bent into a hook hanging on the board absolutely line, the other end of the exposed wire is inserted under high pressure cap , just listen to " pop" sound . After discharge I find a soft brush to dust on the circuit board and the tubes were cleaned with a hair dryer and then carried out in addition to the tide , but the power failure is still a trial , can not touch when I overhaul clue , suddenly remembered the two years ago, the school's one KONKA ( Konka ) T2986X -TV also appeared the same fault , then Konka maintenance staff say CRT tube seat leakage caused by the maintenance staff to it after a change of the same type of socket failures indeed excluded. Far as I know CRT computer monitors and similar ordinary CRT tube TV technology, but less than a high frequency TV channel , the other circuit principle is basically the same , then this display delay fault may also be caused due to the leakage tube socket , analysis here , I decided to try for a header .fywservice manual download site

The tail tube connected with an absolute ground covered with a metal case , the end of the circuit board is welded to the metal case is welded to the stem of this circuit board , the solder metal case I , the horizontal direction carefully dial back the next piece of circuit board ( may have to spend some of the time set aside back strength, but do not twist around to prevent the tail CRT tube rupture ) , and from the circuit board welding pipe under the seat , which is a 5792/GZS10-2-8 type socket marked with the words . I bought an electronic city to the same type of socket it switched to a circuit board, but also to find a fine emery cloth exposed the tail protruding pin all nine wipe again, and finally the tube socket , circuit boards and metal boxes installed back together . Close the display cover and connected with the host , the findings show that the signal power immediately appear , troubleshooting , people really overjoyed.
Note: The display information is delayed due to failure of the header should leak, the reason why the drain tube stem , the stem may be caused by aging , there may be other reasons for moisture or the stem of the pin and internal oxidation phenomena the .
This requires the use of computers in peacetime to pay attention to some things , to maintain moderate ambient humidity ; run during the boot cover anything not affect the heat in the upper display ; drop cloths covered when not in use to prevent dust ; When positioning the monitor rear to more than 10 cm away from the wall and to avoid direct glare screen and so on. If you usually do not pay attention will accelerate the aging of the internal components of the monitor when using the direct impact of its service life.
Delay fault display solutions