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Monitor power maintenance repair methods

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 If the cpu is the heart of the computer , then power is the energy source of the computer . It provides stability for the cpu, memory , optical drives and all computer equipment, continuous current. If the power supply is a problem, it will affect the normal operation of the computer , and even damage hardware. Computer failure , a large part of that is caused by the power . So, do not underestimate the price is not high, accessories, attentive care of it ! I am a longtime computer maintenance work, accumulated some small experience here and share.nHuservice manual download site

First, determine the power failure
1 . Hard disk bad track power easily lead to bad hard disk bad sectors false , this failure is generally available through software fixes . Encountered such a situation , first make sure the power supply is a problem, if the power does have a problem , you should replace the reliable quality and stable new power .
2 . PC run accompanied by " humming" noise which is the increase in supply due to fan noise , if the computer is not turned on too long , too much accumulated dust fan above , this phenomenon may occur , the solution is removed open the computer , remove the power supply , remove the fan from above , dust . And then re- installed , the boot general noise cancellation.
3 . CD-ROM drive performance is not good in this situation generally occurs on a computer or buy a new cd-rom new purchase , mixed with a huge "buzz " sound when you read the disk , after exclusion of drive failure is likely to be a problem with the power supply . It is necessary to open the check.
4 . Unstable overclocking cpu overclocking stability for demanding power , if the power of poorer quality , computer overclocked , often occur suddenly crash or restart phenomenon. Generally stable as long as the replacement of a new power on it.