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Display system does not recognize the monitor fault repair methods

Time£º2014-01-26 15:10:40  Source£ºNetwork  Author£ºUnknown  Clicks£º1193

 Symptom: GDsservice manual download site

After entering the windows system may report found new hardware and automatically install the driver, the device manager, saw that it was unable to identify the monitor into a monitor it. 
Understand the point of failure errors: 
Some people think this is a display of a hardware failure or due to poor device performance, it was considered out of the graphics card hardware failure or damage caused by the driver, it was thought to be connected to the monitor and graphics data lines there is a problem, it was considered vga outlet out of the question, these views are misunderstanding. 
Cause and Countermeasures: 
The failure occurred on the plug and play monitor, but mostly long-term use and restart after the failure. The reason is not installed display manufacturers dedicated display driver caused you to just go to the manufacturer's website to download the appropriate drivers and install the monitor can get! :)