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Monitor not boot failure repair methods

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1 , color display after power without any reflection , nor even the indicator light ;
2 , a boot image did not see anything on the protection of the shutdown.
Understand the point of failure errors:
Some people see such a failure would say this is just a small fault , another fuse on ok ; Some say it is a bad video card drivers , these views are not correct.
Cause and Countermeasures :
As the color display is delayed fuse fuse - which allows much greater than the rated current to flow through instant large current , so that a short circuit fault usually this fuse will burn , and you are put on the new Insurance will once again blown pipe , of course, if the fuse does not seem unusual, but that does not make sense , then it may be aging damage , then put a new fuse will be able to work normally , but this rarely encountered . As for the driver is a fallacy - even before entering the windows is not such a driver. For the first one kind of failure phenomenon is such as power lines, power plugs and sockets can sometimes be "no evil " , so you have to first rule out the possibility of a simple , if the exclusion remains blank , you will find a professional repair personnel repaired . Note: If you are to become a black screen when entering the system should consider the virtual graphics driver .
For the first two kinds Symptom color display allows you to enter the self-diagnosis display or simply try another host received , if it is not lit , then there is a fault on the circuit proof , I suggest you deliver this fault professionals maintenance ; If you can light up , then it shows is the host of a problem, such as the video card and motherboard and cpu so that you can replace the law to do the appropriate checks.