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Display a black screen failure repair methods

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When turned on, the display does not host any error indication , and LED status display shows normal , the power switch is also normal , but that is not an image ( was black ) , but sometimes beat about the color monitor case or when it can occasionally turn normal display, but after some time the situation is getting worse.
Understand the point of failure errors:
This failure seems obvious there is a circuit where bad actions, but usually a lot of people and have no clue what caused the place .
Cause and Countermeasures :
So you can take a look at the filament power supply circuit elements or whether there Weld joints , which is usually caused by such failure culprit.
Of course, sometimes due to host the host can also cause black screen phenomenon , but no matter how you are tapping color display cabinet will not be improved, so you can monitor conditions, then received another one host to try to determine the trouble . In addition , there are many self-diagnosis display function display will appear on the card in unplugging the signal line, it shows the display if the display normal basic no fault , the fault point on the signal line or graphics , so that we can more easy to find fault point .
Note : Given the relatively strong professional reasons for failure of other black phenomenon , it does not describe .