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Color display abnormal fault repair methods

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 Barrier phenomenon :GDjservice manual download site

Many have abnormal color on the screen or at the edge of the screen color .
Understand the point of failure errors:
Some people think this is a long-term and constantly monitors the AC or geomagnetic lead , but the vast majority of monitors and would not face this failure - color display is different from the color TV degaussing circuit .
Cause and Countermeasures :
Although this is a typical CRT magnetization symptoms, but is usually due to the fault monitor placed near a high magnetic degaussing circuit or faulty products due . High magnetic inferior brand-name products mainly refers to the speaker , as the speaker of genuine brand speakers with almost all non-magnetic products, so long as the use of brand -name speakers or the speakers can be placed from outside 30cm color monitor effectively prevent and eliminate faulty a . If it is not due to the high magnetic products , you can manually once degaussing ( refer to the manual method ) , if the image does not have a noticeable shaking when degaussing degaussing circuit to explain anomalies , and you deliver the best professionals for maintenance.
Note : If the display early indeed lead to long-term uninterruptible power tubes are magnetized , but the use of such displays , few users .