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Interference fault repair methods exist on the monitor screen

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There is always lingering erratic or thin black lines interfering clutter and accompanied by "flap" noise on the screen.
Understand the point of failure errors:
This failure phenomenon that many people think is the ability to monitor power interference caused by bad , as long as the power to change the filter capacitor at a few will be able to settle , and some even considered switching power switch at the tube there is a problem , these view all wrong .
Cause and Countermeasures :
The real reason for their failure is usually the ignition phenomenon occurs between the high-pressure nozzle tubes and high pressure cap. Of course , there are a lot of maintenance personnel to quickly analyze this ignition is caused due to high pressure at the nozzle , but there are a lot of people are not the correct approach . Some people even put the butter into his mouth to prevent the recurrence of high-pressure high-voltage ignition , although there is no harm with butter displays, but its value may not withstand very high, so is likely to give the other maintenance personnel and users of electric shock hazards. So it is best to use " high-pressure grease " to fix - before adding the high-pressure grease first with ethanol allows high pressure nozzle cap clean ( even if rust rust or replace the cap ) and with a hair dryer drying.
In addition, sometimes the picture tube socket sparking phenomenon appears this failure phenomenon can also occur , but it will be good times and bad at the same time with image clarity , then just replace the genuine tube socket can get !