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Samsung VP-D103I camera on a "alarm tone beep beep", "appeared on the screen the tape to protect" the maintenance method

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Studying the cassette protection switch, in a normal position REC (video). Internet for every possible way helpless, had to go home, check "baidu" was out of the hundreds of samsung DV camera tape protection fault record, many sites are considered with warehouse ribbon cable protection switch open fracture or tape. Warehouse power came after I open the machine, the multimeter block test tape protection switch, the switch resistance change is normal, measuring tape protection switch and take positions on the other contact through all have different resistance value, show that the fault should not be by wire fracture belt storehouse or tape protection switch open, repair once in trouble. x9pservice manual download site
 x9pservice manual download site
 x9pservice manual download site
After careful thought, to detect tape machine protection state, is bound to exert a detection voltage, and so on both ends of charged state measuring tape protection switch voltage between the metal frame with storehouse. Are all zero, specify in the test voltage supply circuit, if try to add normal to the test voltage, can not ruled out the fault? x9pservice manual download site
 x9pservice manual download site
Then measured with warehouse can be seen on contact with warehouse the voltage between the metal frame, find the count has normal more than 3 v voltage, including tape beneath the protection switch is the most easy to connect. x9pservice manual download site
 x9pservice manual download site
Good scotch tape, metal frame with short wires on the welding. With the new belt, start of commissioning, the machine no longer alarm, fast forward, rewind, camera all normal.x9pservice manual download site