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Samsung S90 recorder 5 seconds after power off automatically, fault repair method to standby state

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Automatic shutdown fault associated with circuit, mechanical aspects. Open the machine cover. Put tape observation, with the load of tape, thrum "giggle" machine heart. Look carefully, found the tape machine heart guide arm does not reach the designated position, there are dislocation phenomenon. Machine heart will be removed. Find a tape transition wheel and machine heart guide arm on the main board of guide chute contact third fracture. Heart load error caused by machine. The guide bar bonding repair. To heart para installation of the machine. Load the tapes, machine loading back to normal. Press the play button, the tape can normal tape, video output is normal. 9sYservice manual download site
 9sYservice manual download site
Will cover mount commissioning. After 5 seconds after turning on the power supply. Power supply and shut down automatically to the standby mode, there are faults in the circuit. Open the cover, switching power supply, fault disappear at this moment, and record the normal. Cover with a piece of newspaper on the VCR, fault. Analysis may be tape lead/tail to detect infrared light-emitting tube damage. Caused by the lead with tail receives no infrared receiving tube, micro processor output shutdown instructions, when open the cover, outdoor infrared light refraction of sunlight received by leading the tail pipe receives respectively, after analyzing video microprocessor normal. Measuring the lead/tail infrared detection tube S601 S602, the voltage is 4 v above. The normal should be below 1 v. Determine the lead/tail LD601 infrared light-emitting tube damage, unable to find the original type infrared light-emitting tube, trial in the remote infrared light-emitting tube substitution, troubleshooting.9sYservice manual download site