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Hitachi VT-M888K (DH) video tape placement, can successfully loaded, play, fast forward, rewind and unloading, but according to / into the box, the box can sometimes, sometimes not, into the box failu

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Using manual methods of operation, into the boxes, driving mechanism without blocking phenomenon, gear are intact. Hence the whole machine heart turn carefully observe the transmission mechanism. The belt box provided by the center pulley, drive gear when take storehouse whereabouts does not reach the designated position, do not mesh with center pulley and dealing with the box can't access. Lift control arm of the gear can be the normal ups and downs, and to get off the gear, and found it at the center of the hole with oil, and its top spring force is very weak, some oil to clean net and the spring slightly stretched to increase the elasticity, again after installation, with a box of in and out of the back to normal.2qNservice manual download site