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Hitachi VT-777 recorder, recording program playback screen noise regular (black), whether recorded or recorded so, a new video test machine as fault repair method

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Boot check video related circuit, no abnormal found each working point. Then on the head, drum and roller cleaning, commissioning failure condition improved, but its a fault and produced after twenty minutes. Judge fault may be in drum parts. Hitachi 777 machine has the drum on a regular basis since the cleaning device; In round machine with a belt felt clean, every 10 minutes automatically by the drum is still light, clean the upper wheel is the inferior tape drum stranded off powder pollution, over time, clean wheel instead pollution into a round, so caused the noise fault of video footage. pQcservice manual download site
Under the careful analytic cleaning wheel, will clean the felt wheel with anhydrous alcohol clean air, and will be felt wheel loading machine commissioning after upside down, the fault eliminate, after months of use has been normal.pQcservice manual download site