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Samsung 29-inch picture-in-picture TV main channel channel incomplete

Time£º2017-04-14 10:35:56  Source£ºNetwork  Author£ºUnknown  Clicks£º11895

Home repair a Samsung color TV, the fault is the main screen without U radio stations, sub-picture normal. Began to think that the band voltage is abnormal, but the search found that the machine for the frequency synthesis of high-frequency head (display frequency figures), band conversion is done by the bus, and my heart felt no end. Open the back cover and found that the two tuners are the same, so that the maintenance of a glimmer of hope! The tuner will be tuned, the main screen is normal. At this point the user also said that do not see a small picture, so be it In fact, really want to change really do not know where to sell! Last year to give a repair Tattoo painting, check for the IF box bad.MMcservice manual download site